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Weddings at Patriots Park



Want a beautiful setting for your wedding? Something low maintenance and beautiful? Then Patriot's Park is the answer.Typically, weddings are held in the lake pavilion, with seating for friends and family up the hillside north of the pavilion.  The lake in the background provides a beautiful setting for weddings.  The main pavilion is also an ideal place to hold a reception following the ceremony.  However, if you have another area of the park in mind, we may be able to work with you.


To hold a wedding at the park, we recommend that you reserve all four pavilions for the day of the event.  Because Patriot’s Park is a public facility, it is impossible to prohibit the general public from using the park on the day of your wedding.  However, reserving all of the pavilions will help to insure that the noise and activity of another event will not disturb your ceremony.  If you are reserving Patriot’s Park to hold a wedding, please note you are reserving the Shelters ONLY. Your reservation will not close the park to the public. Please Note this means there may be people not invited to your event, on the Lake, Play ground, Boat Ramp, Walking Trails, etc.


If you are planning to hire a professional service of any kind (DJ, tent setup, catering, etc.), each company hired will need to provide the park district a certificate of insurance naming the Kingsbury Park District as “additional insured.”


All policies regarding shelter rentals apply to weddings as well.  

      In District Resident - $90.00/day
      Non-District Resident - $130.00/day