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Would you or your business like to Sponsor a Team?

The Kingsbury Park District is always looking for individuals or business to sponsor our Spring & Fall Soccer Team, and our Summer Little League Teams. Your sponsorship will include a KPD provide uniform with your logo printed on the front of the shirts and hats (if hats are provided). Players on your team will keep these shirts and provide you with some complimentary "street advertisement." Score are reported to WGEL daily, Standings are ran in Greenville Advocate weekly, and the KPD website will feature your logo and a link to your businesses website. In addition to all of this...Sponsorship is Tax Deductible!

Contact the Kingsbury Park District office for any questions regarding sponsorships!


Sponsorship signs at Jayee Park

Specifications :
        Size:        4 feet long x 3 feet wide
        Material : Aluma Lite Aluminum .04 -- All other material must be approved by the Kingsbury Park District.
        Design:  Must be approved by the Kingsbury Park District

The cost to produce the sign is the responsibility of the organization wanting to display the sign on the fence at the Jaycee Park. Current sponsors of a Soccer or Greenville Baseball or Softball Team may have the sign hung at no cost. Organizations that are not current sponsors of a baseball or softball team may have a sign placed on the fence for a cost of $50.00.

Sign Maintenance:
The District may request that a sign be redone when it reaches a condition that is no longer presentable or it is damaged in such a way that it can no longer be hung on the fence. The District is not responsible for stolen or damaged signs. At a minimum, the sign will be hung from the first day of the Little League Season until the last day. The District will remove the sign at the end of that time period and store it during the off season, unless other arrangements are made.