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Baby Pool Policies

 The baby pool and Splash Pad can be used from 10:00 am to noon during swim lessons.  During these times, the baby pool and Splash Pad will be open for use by children 6 and younger.  Those who do NOT have passes must pay the regular admission fee ($4.50) per adult and Children ages 1 - 3 will pay one dollar per year of age.  Children under 1 year of age are free. Pass holders may use the baby pool/splash pad for free during this time by presenting their pool passes.  All children must be supervised by an adult, and all other posted baby pool/splash pad rules apply.  The lifeguard on duty is not responsible to watch the area during this time. Wrist Bands will be issued for those using the Splash pad during Morning swim lessons for readmission to Open Swim I of the same day

The Illinois Department of Public Health requires that "Children at public swimming pools who are not toilet trained shall wear tightly fitting rubber or plastic plants. (section 820.360(j) of the Swimming Pool and Bathing Beach Code)."

The Kingsbury Park District will strictly enforce this code. Approved swimwear will be available for purchase on site for swimmers who come unprepared. This code is for the protection of all bathers who visit the pool.


Cold Weather Policy

If the outside temperature is lower than 70º F and the pool temperature is lower than 76º F the pool will be closed. The public will be notified with a message on the swimming pool phone, and announcement on WGEL, and a note on the door of the main pool entrance. The status of the pool will be re-evaluated at the next session time. 

Bike Policy

The Park District wants to remind all parents whose children ride their bikes to the pool, to provide your children with a lock. The Pool has provided two (2) bike racks for your convenience. For safety reasons, we require all bikes to be in the rack at all times, whether they are locked or unlocked. Bikes have gone missing in the past, so please use every precaution to insure your bike is secure.

Disciplinary Policy

The Kingsbury Park District Pool Discipline policy is as follows.

A Patron will receive a warning and a verbal explanation of the rule that was broken. If the offense is committed again, or warrants a write up, the patron will be asked to sit for a fifteen (15) minute time out. If the offense warrants more severe punishment, the Patron may be asked to leave the pool.

Anyone asked to leave the Kingsbury Park District Pool Due to a Disciplinary problem will also be asked to leave the property surrounding the Pool. This includes, but is not limited to, the playground, parking lot, athletic fields, shelter, and skateboard park. If a person does not leave after one (1) warning, the Greenville Police will be called.

If any patron receives three (3) write ups in a single week, they will be suspended from the pool and surrounding area for one (1) week. If a patron receives six (6) write ups in a season, they will be suspended from the pool for the remainder of the season.

If the patron is deliberately disobedient, disrespectful, or openly hostile (cussing will NOT be tolerated) to the Pool staff, they will be suspended from the pool for at least one (1) week. A longer suspension is always possible, based on the nature of the event.

Patrons causing severe disruptions from the pool operation, such as lewd or indecent behavior, trespassing, excessive profanity or vulgar language to other patrons or pool staff, violence or fighting, or any illegal or extremely dangerous behavior will be suspended from the pool indefinitely and the police will be tolerated.

Entering and Exiting the Pool

Patrons wishing to exit the pool during open swim times must obtain permission from the pool staff prior to exiting the pool facility if they wish to re-enter the pool. The District has painted a red line a the exit of the facility. Patron's that cross this line are considered to have exited the facility. Once a patron exits the facility without permission, they may not re-enter unless a parent or guardian accompanies them and stays with them at the facility. Patron's without a pool pass will be required to pay the entry fee upon their return.

Low Attendance Policy

The pool will remain open as long as there is at least one (1) pool patron remaining in the pool. If 2:30 PM is reached during the first swim session, and there are no patrons in attendance, the pool will close until 5:00 PM with a notice on the door of the Main pool entrance. If no one enters the pool after 5:30, for lap swim, the pool will close if that is the last shift of the day. If 7:00 PM is reached during the second open swim session, and there are no patrons in attendance the pool will close for the night.

No Weapon Policy

No weapons (guns, knives, etc.) are allowed on Park District property. If a weapon is on site, the police will be called to handle the matter. The person possessing the weapon will be immediately banned from the Pool and surrounding area for the remainder of the season.

No Smoking

To comply with Smoke Free Illinois, a patron wishing to smoke, MUST be at least fifteen (15) feet from the Pool area. This means fifteen (15) feet from the entrance of the Bathhouse and the Fence surround the Pool Area and Concession Space. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Open Swim Policies

Swimmers age four (4) and under MUST be accompanied in the water by an individual eighteen (18) years of age or older. Swimmers age five (5) to ten (10) MUST be accompanied in the water by an individual fifteen (15) years of age or older. Adults who accompany the above mentioned swimmers must enter the water with the swimmer. A maximum of four (4) children may be supervised by one (1) adult. Children ages seven (7) to ten (10) who are not accompanied by an adult must show a current Red Cross Level V Certification Card or Must Pass the Kingsbury Park District's approved swimming test administered by one of the lifeguards, in order to prove their swimming ability.


Pool Pass Policy

For the purpose of issuing Pool Passes, the Kingsbury Park District defines a "Family," as a mother and/or father/legal guardian, and their children living in the same household. There will be NO substitutions to this policy. Please note that Babysitters are not considered part of the family and will be required to purchase their own passes.

You MUST show your pass when entering the Pool. The staff will not grant admittance without verifying a Pool Pass. Anyone caught using a pass not issued to them will be subject to disciplinary actions.


Stormy Weather Policy

Patrons must clear the pool is the rain is hard enough to obstruct visibility to the bottom of the pool. If thunder is heard, or is lightning is seen, patrons must clear the pool for a minimum of thirty (30) minutes. For example, if Lightning strikes at 1:30 PM, then again at 1:45 PM, no one may enter the pool until at least 2:15 PM.