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Baby Pool Information 2018

Our baby or Kiddie pool is a wonderful way for youngsters to stay cool during the blistering summer months!

Usage During Swim Lessons

The Baby Pool & Splash Pad may be used from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Monday thru Friday, during Swim Lessons.  
During these times, the Baby Pool & Splash Pad will  be open for use by children six (6) and younger. People who do NOT have a pool pass, must pay the $4.00 admission fee for each adult and each child over three (3) years of age. Children age three (3) and under are free. Pass holders may use the Baby Pool & Splash Pad for free during this time. All children MUST be supervised by an adult, and all other posted Baby Pool & Splash Pad rules apply. Baby Pool & Splash Pad patrons who want to stay and swim after lessons are over must pay the regular pool rate or use their pass.

The Baby Pool & Splash Pad can be used from and 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM during lap swim for children with adult supervision.  The fee from 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm is $2.00.  

The Lifeguard on duty is NOT responsible to watch the area during this time!

Swim Wear for Infants

The Illinois Department of Public Health requires that "Children at public swimming pools who are not toilet trained shall wear tightly fitting rubber or plastic plants. (section 820.360(j) of the Swimming Pool and Bathing Beach Code)."

The Kingsbury Park District will strictly enforce this code. Approved swimwear will be available for purchase on site for swimmers who come unprepared. This code is for the protection of all bathers who visit the pool.

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