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Patriot's Park Meeting Room

Are you planning a family reunion? Looking for someplace to get a large group together? Worried about inclement weather? Then the Meeting Room at Patriot's Park is for you! Located on IL Rt.140, just West of Greenville, IL, the approximately 1,500 square foot indoor space is perfect for family get together, birthday parties, or any other event. The meeting room is heated and cooled, comes equipped with tables and chairs for 70 people, and has an indoor restroom, exclusive to those who rent the building. Feeling a little crowded? The meeting room offers a beautiful 30' by 16' outdoor deck attached to the back, overlooking the beauty of the Patriot's Park Lake! The meeting room is ideally located across the street from the Main shelter, with a swing to the East and a large playground to the West. Offering extended hours to renters, the meeting room at Patriot's Park can fit almost any need. Call the Kingsbury Park District at (618) 664-4969, to inquire about renting the Patriot's Park Meeting room today! 


           Monday - Thursday
                 Park District Resident - $75.00 per day 
                 Non-District Resident - $125.00 per day  

           Friday - Sunday
                 Park District Resident - $100.00 per day  
                 Non-District Resident - $150.00 per day   

Click Hereto download and Print an Building Reservation Form

Meeting Room Policies

The Patriot's Park Meeting room requires the renter place a deposit of $100.00, on the building. This deposit shall be returned to the renter upon determination by the Kingsbury Park District that all rental/cleanup procedures are complete. All or part of this deposit shall be forfeited should the renter neglect any of the responsibilities on this contract. Renters are responsible or obtaining a key to the building. If the key is not left in the building when the event s over, a portion of the deposit may not be returned. The following MUST be completed in order for a full deposit to be returned: Floors swept and mopped, using the mop and PLAIN water; tables and chairs wiped down and returned to their original location; decorations removed (including hanging material such as string); garbage emptied and placed in the dumpster located outside near the main pavilion; bathroom wiped down, the thermostat reset to its original temperature; all lights turned of and door locked; and key left inside the building.

The Patriot's Park Meeting room is available for use 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM, daily. Candles are not permitted inside the building. Fryers of any kind will not be permitted inside the building or located on the back deck. No open fires/flames shall be permitted on the back deck, including (but not limited to) grills and fire pits. No decorations or other items may be affixed, taped, or tacked to any wall, door, window, or light fixture. Any damage caused by the use of decorations to the facility will be deducted from the renters deposit. Nails and staples are strictly prohibited! Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted within the Patriot's Park Meeting room. The applicant will reimburse the Kingsbury Park District for the cost of any necessary clean-up or damages which the renter, or the guests, are responsible. The applicant shall be responsible for any thefts of Park District property or damage thereto and shall reimburse the Kingsbury Park District for the amount as the case may be for such thefts and damage to the location.

All rental applications will be processed on a first come, first served basis. All fees and security deposits must be paid with the submittal of the rental application. Dates may be tentatively reserved by the calling or stopping by the Park District office. In order to CONFIRM a reservation date, however, the reservation fee must be paid and a signed agreement submitted within seven (7) days, of the original request being made. If either payment or the agreement is not received within seven (7) days from the day of the original request, the reservation will be cancelled immediately and without further notice.

The Park District and it's employees shall not be held responsible for damage to or loss of property or injury to persons while on park premises regardless of whether they are participants or spectators. All renters and their guests are expected to act in an orderly fashion and will be held financially responsible to any damage occurring to the building, grounds, or premises.

The Kingsbury Park District reserves the right to refuse the use of any of it's facilities to anyone. If a scheduled event at any park is open to the public, a Certificate of Insurance naming the Kingsbury Park District as "Additionally Insured," is required.