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William S. Wait (Pool)

The William S. Wait park is centrally located within the City of Greenville. This park is home to the Kingsbury Park District Pool, the KPD Skateboard Park, a Shelter, and a Playground for children. This park sits on a large expanse of land, giving everyone a chance to come spend some time outdoors and let out some steam. This park is also home to the smaller Kingsbury Park District Soccer Fields, and where Flag Football is played in the Fall. This Park remains open year around, Sunrise to 10:00 PM.

The 36 x 50' pavilion comes equipped with electricity, six (6) tables, a grill, and close proximity to the Pool and playground. Bathrooms at this park are only available when the Pool is open. To reserve the Pool pavilion for your next event please contact the Kingsbury Park District at (618) 664-4969.

        Park District Resident - $30.00
        Non-District Resident - $40.00

Click Herefor a Shelter Reservation Form.

Pool Shelter Policies

All rental applications will be processed on a first come, first served basis. All fees and security deposits must be paid with the submittal of the rental application. Dates may be tentatively reserved by the calling or stopping by the Park District office. In order to CONFIRM a reservation date, however, the reservation fee must be paid and a signed agreement submitted within seven (7) days, of the original request being made. If either payment or the agreement is not received within seven (7) days from the day of the original request, the reservation will be cancelled immediately and without further notice. No substitute dates will be offered.

The Kingsbury Park District reserves the right to refuse the use of any of it's facilities to anyone. If a scheduled event at any park is open to the public, a Certificate of Insurance naming the Kingsbury Park District as "Additionally Insured," is required.

 Persons renting the Wm S Wait Shelter will have the option of entering the Pool during regular open swim hours at a reduced group rate.  The rate is $2.50 per individual, with a minimum of 10 persons participating.  This is not considered a pool party and the participants must follow all rules of the pool.  This includes the policy for entering and exiting the pool, which is located in the Recreation Brochure and at under Aquatics Information.



Kingsbury Park District Skateboard Park

Built in January of 2009, in a joint effort with the Tony Hawk Foundation and several members of the Greenville Community, the Kingsbury Park District was delighted to open Greenville's one and only 5000 square foot Skate Park. Located at the William S. Wait Park, the all concrete skate park boasts several features ideal for the recreational skate boarder. This park features some unique technical setups, for the more advanced skateboarder. The Skate Park is Open Sunrise to 10:100 PM.





Skate Park Policies

The Kingsbury Park District is proud of this facility and hopes that you use it safely.  It is your skate park and as such, you have a responsibility to care for it.


The following guidelines and rules have been established to promote the safe and enjoyable use of the facility.  It is the responsibility of all users to know, understand and abide by these rules and guideline.  It is designed to encourage family use.  Please conduct yourself accordingly. 


  • Skate at your own risk.

  • Bicycles with plastic pegs and pedals only.

  • Helmets are required; protective gear is strongly recommended

  • Inspect the premises before use…. snow, ice, wet surfaces, litter and debris may affect skating conditions.

  • Please report any damage, hazardous conditions, concerns, and comments to the Kingsbury Park District.

  • This facility is unsupervised and self-policed.  Reckless and destructive skating jeopardizes the safety of others.  Do not use ramps and runs until they are clear of other skaters.  Do not skate against traffic.  Be respectful of other skaters.  Be a role model and mentor younger skaters.

  • All organized events require prior written approval from the Kingsbury Park District.

  • The use of placement of any unauthorized equipment or obstacles is prohibited.

  • Graffiti, tagging or other forms of defacing District property are strictly prohibited.  Waxing of skate park surfaces is prohibited.


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Patriots Park

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William S. Wait Pool

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