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Tae Kwon Do Camp CS# 712 2018

Spend a week with our resident Tae Kwon Do instructor Phil Stoecklin.  This camp will introduce several different styles of Martial Arts. This camp will stress coordination and body mechanics, focus, spacial awareness, flexibility, and physical conditioning.  If you haven't tried Martial Arts before this will be a great introductory experience.

Day 1 Escrima - Filipino Stick Work.  Stick twirls, figure 8's, sinawallis, basic angles of attack, simple defense.  This discipline teaches tactile awareness, hand-eye coordination, and ambidexterity.

Day 2 Jujitsu - Basic grappling warm ups and drills.  This emphasizes strength, balance, body awareness, and transition. * Participants will need to bring a heavy sweatshirt or something comparable on day 2.

Day 3 Movement - Movement and conditioning.  Background training in Yoga (sun salutes and pranayama), martial footwork, evasion drills, and basic body movement (Skipping cartwheel).  Participants will learn stamina, coordination, flexibility, and focus.

Day 4 Kickboxing - Basic training in Tae Kwon Do and Boxing.  Basic kicks and strikes, and focus glove training.  This session will involve sparring for those wishing to participate.

Day 5 Sword - Introduction to Spanish Sword.  Basic attacks, counters, and movement.  This session will involve sparring for those wishing to participate.

Classes involving sparring require a mouthpiece and cup (for boys) other equipment will be provided as needed.

Whose Eligible?

Children entering Grades 1st-6th


DATES: August 6 - 10
TIME: 9:00 am-10:00 am 


Kingsbury Park District Office
630 East City Rt. 40


Park District Resident - $30.00
Non-Park District Resident - $40.00

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