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Soccer- Spring Rules



It is our design to provide an opportunity for every child in the Kingsbury Park District and surrounding area, who wishes, to have a positive experience while learning and participating in the game of SOCCER.





The Kingsbury Park District Soccer League, (Hereafter, called the League) will be administered by a Soccer Supervisor to be chosen annually by the Kingsbury Park District, or its representative.  Said Supervisor will control the use of the fields, scheduling, and rescheduling of the games, scheduling referees and furnishing game balls.


II.        RULES




A.  Players wishing to participate should make application to the

 Kingsbury Park District prior to the registration cut-off date.  Late registrations will not be guaranteed a roster placement or schedule of games.


B.  The entry fee for each participant shall be determined annually by the Kingsbury Park District.




A.  Team rosters will be determined by age.  September 1st shall be the cutoff date for eligibility in each division.


B.   A player will play in only one age division.


C    A birth certificate, baptismal certificate, authenticated copy of either, or any other legal evidence acceptable to the League will be presented upon request of the League Supervisor to verify age.


D.   Teams fielding players contrary to the age limits prescribed for the various divisions shall be liable to disciplinary action; that being the forfeiture of all games in which the ineligible player played.


E.   The age divisions are:

Micro             4,5      Co-ed games played   4 vs 4

Midget           6,7       Co-ed games played   8 vs 8   (including goalie)

Minor            8,9,10    Boys= games played    8 vs 8 (including goalie)

Bantam         8,9,10  Girls= games played     8 vs 8    (including goalie)

Advanced    11,12     Co-ed games played   7 vs 7    (including goalie)

Senior         13,14    Co-ed games played   8 vs 8      (including goalie)



 A.    Players can only enter the League through the Kingsbury Park District. A draft will be held annually with the method of said draft being determined by the Kingsbury Park District.




A.    All games of the League are to be governed by the United States Soccer Federation, except as amended herein.


B.     Any section of these rules may be amended or repealed only by the action of the League Supervisor in conjunction with the Director of Parks and Recreation.

 C.     Offsides will be called for Bantam, Minor, Advanced and Senior divisions.     




A.    The times for game period of the various divisions are as follows:

Micro                     7 minute quarters

Midget                  7 minute quarters

Minor                    20 minute halves

Bantam                  20 minute halves

Advanced             20 minute halves

Senior                    20 minute halves                                


B.     League games which end in a tie at the end of regulation time shall remain a tie.                      




A.    Player substitution can only be made with the consent of the referee during these times:

1.         Prior to a throw-in by either team.

2.         Prior to a goal kick by either team.

3.         After a goal by either team.

4.         At half-time.


B.     Players must enter and exit the field at the half line nearest the players bench.



A.  All players must have like colored shirts.  The goal tender is the only exception, as he/she must wear a shirt that is different from both team colors.


B.     Shin guards are MANDATORY for all players.  If a player does not have shin guards, he/she will not play.


C.     Players may use tennis shoes or soccer cleats.




A.    A player, coach or spectator may be ejected from the premises at any time during or prior to a match for:


1.  Profanity.

2.  A deliberate dangerous foul.

3.  Interfering with the referees.

4.  Committing a second offense after a warning has been issued.


B.     Any player ejected from a game will not play in the next regularly

scheduled or rescheduled game.


C.     Any player cautioned (Yellow carded) will leave the field of play.  A substitution will be allowed for the cautioned player.  The cautioned player will return to the field of play at the next substitution opportunity.




A.    No person is permitted within 5 yards of the end lines.  Referees will stop play to see that this rule is enforced. Players and spectators will remain at least one yard from the sidelines at all times.  All laws concerning disorderly conduct as cited in the Park District Code shall prevail in all cases.                             





A.    A team will  forfeit if they are 15 minutes late or cannot field at least 3 players for 4 vs. 4, 4 players for 5 vs 5, 5 players for 6 vs 6, 6 players for the 7 vs 7, and 7 players for the 8 vs 8.  This rule is to be construed with some flexibility and applies only to divisions for which league standings are recorded.




A.    All protests are to be referred to the League Supervisor.  All such protests must be submitted in writing, accompanied with a ten dollar protest fee within 24 hours of the finish of the game being protested.  If the protest is upheld, the protest fee will be refunded.


B.     Protests must be limited to questions of rules, not the judgment of the referee.


C.  Whenever an alleged violation to a playing rule occurs during the progress of an official game, the coach of the protesting team must call Atime@ and immediately notify the referee and the opposing coach that the game is being continued Aunder protest.@  This will enable all interested parties to take notice of the exact conditions prevailing at a time and will aid in proper determination of the issue.  Failure of the complaining manager to comply exactly with this section will nullify and render void any further protest regarding the alleged violation of playing rules referred to herein.




A.    Division standings will be kept in the following leagues:

1.  Advanced

2.  Senior

3.  Minor

4.  Bantam


B.     Standings will be based on a percentage.


C.     If the season ends with two or more teams tied, the tie will be broken by examining each team=s record  head to head.


D.    If all the teams do not play an equal number of games, the team(s) with more games will have their first game dropped from the standings.




A.    It is the nature of the game to be played in mild weather.  However, heat or thunderstorms may cause cancellation of a game. Such decisions are the responsibility of the League Supervisor prior to the start of a match or the Referee after a match has started.


B.     If a game is stopped due to poor weather, a game will be considered complete if one half has been played.


C.     If a game is stopped and not officially completed, it will be rescheduled and resumed at the point of suspension.



A.   Each player in all leagues must play in each half of every game.


B.  Each player shall play a minimum of 50% of the total playing time.




A.    On a goal kick for Micro and Midgets, there will be 9 feet between the goalie and the nearest player. 



 A.  At the beginning of the game, at the beginning of the 2nd half, and on all goal kicks, the kick is direct (i.e. A goal can be scored on the kick).